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    Meet the management team

    Adam Esposito, Joint Managing Director


    Adam founded Unify in April 2003 with co-director Eddie. Prior to Unify Adam was a Sales Manager for a Datacoms Distributor after starting his career on the tools as an 19 year old IT apprentice. Adams hobbies are fermented or distilled beverages.



    Keith Bean, Sales Manager


    Keith joined Unify in 2005. 15 Years in business to business sales with 8 years in the voice and data sector. Keith is a parent to 3 young girls and is a keen runner.



    Nicola Cook, Finance Director


    Nicola is an experienced accounts professional with the AAT qualification and a Bsc Hons in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University.

    Nicola was previously the FD of a global power tool company and has been responsible for overseeing and managing Unify’s growth since she joined in 2009.



    Richard Winterburn, Regional Director ASPAC


    Richard joined us having worked previously in the industry for IT Sonix and as a Unify partner at Retell. He is a keen automotive enthusiast and can alternately be found behind the wheel of his ute or the handlebars of his crotch rocket.


    Eddie Bird, Joint Managing Director


    Eddie started in the telecoms industry in 1995 in Australia before continuing his career in the UK, before founding Unify with co-director Adam Esposito in April 2003. Outside of work Eddie’s hobbies are his 3 kids and semi regular trips to the gym.




    Kevin Fisher, Head of Technical Services


    Kev graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with an honorary BSc in IT Communications and Networking. He joined Unify in September 2004 via employment at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and Torex Retail.

    When not providing the best in technical expertise to our customers, Kev can be found tending his hanging baskets, or following Derby County.



    Adrian Hand, Head of Development


    Adrian graduated from the University of Newcastle with a BEng in Software Engineering. He joined Unify in October 2010 to Head our team of Developers.

    Adrian was previously a software developer in the Cytometry industry (me neither!). When not talking in binary, Adrian can be found moving metal. Or eating.